Are you confused about local SEO and ranking on Google?

SEO is hard! Appearing on page 1 of Google seems impossible! You've spent all this time and energy on a beautiful website. And when people do make it there, they probably convert pretty well. People tell you it's gorgeous and represents you so well. But when you search for yourself on google you're on page zillion.....

Getting people to find you on search engines and come to your site without paying for ads is a struggle! And you feel like you're missing out on business and on reaching clients that would love you!

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And it's completely not your fault! Google doesn't make it easy. They don't tell you what's expected. And all the resources out there are complicated, confusing, difficult to read and cull through and only offer small bits and pieces of the information you need. This makes it so hard to make any progress.

You don't have to keep struggling on your own!

There is so much about SEO out there, and so much of it is conflicting! How do you cut through the clutter, confusing information and get a clean, simple plan? I've got you! Here is a simple checklist with easy to follow steps and explanations to boost your local SEO. No long winded paragraphs to wade through, just a simple, organized checklist that you can check off as you go to make sure your small business can rank locally.


Kat's SEO Improvement Checklist is so valuable! Clearly lays out (in normal, clear language!) steps to take and tasks to ensure your website is optimized. Thorough, clear & comprehensive guide & I love the concept of a checklist so I can keep track of every element I've worked on! Love it, thanks Kat!

— Taylor