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You are NOT your target customer

Updated: Jan 17

I'm going to repeat that one more time for those in the back! You are NOT your target customer!

Crazy as it might sound, but understanding this concept and all that it implies is one of the most important steps in reaching your target customer and providing them the services that they need. Everything from your marketing to the way you create your website, the contacts and touch points you have with your customers and the delivery of your good and services needs to speak to your target customer. And that person, simply put, is not you!

Why can't I be my own target customer?

Well that's easy! Because your pain points are not their pain points. You're good at what you do. In fact, not only are you good at it, you're better than most. You're passionate about it and love what you do! And that's amazing. It's what makes you good at running your business. It's what makes you someone your customers what to buy from.

Your target customer? They are not good at what you do. What you're good at solves their problems and pain points. Your strengths are their weaknesses. You are what they are searching for, because they cannot or don't want to do for themselves what you provide. Maybe they aren't good at it. Maybe they are and simply hate it.

The point is, if they were you, they wouldn't need you!

So why should I care that I'm not my target customer?

Because that means you're not the barometer for what is and is not a good move in your business. Really getting that you're not your target customer means that you're not the final check. In your own head, you shouldn't be asking "Do I like this?" Instead you should be putting yourself in the shoes of a person who needs your service and figuring out if they will like it. That's hard to do. Which is why we often rely on market research, polls and customer feedback to understand what is and is not working for them.

I struggled with this for so long! I would think, "I'd never pay that for this service" or "That's something that I can totally do myself!" And that's the point. I wouldn't pay for my services, because I could do it myself. But when I asked other people those things were annoying or difficult and therefore something they were more than willing to pay for to get results and save themselves the headache. So rather than thinking about what I would pay for, or how much I would pay, I had to start trusting other people and the market to tell me what the going price for a service would be.

This change had a direct impact on my pricing, my advertising, my website design and copy and so much more. It even changed how I spoke to customers about what I was offering!

I began to realize and behave in a way that communicated that what I was offering was really valuable to them! Because it would be helpful.

Ok, I'm not my target client. So who is?

This is where you start identifying who is it that would benefit from your products or services? Well, first they don't have your skills. They have other interests and abilities. They're also struggling with accomplishing easily or quickly or efficiently what you offer. But it would benefit them. So what group of people would benefit from your products or services (remember they have to have a use for them) and also be willing to pay for those products or services (can't or won't do what you're doing themselves).

Now, get a bit more detailed. Why is this such a pain for them? What problems do you solve for them with your service? Where do they like to hang out that you could tell them about yourself and your business (social media, google, coffee shop bulletin boards?)? Taking some time to put together a bio for the type of person who will buy from you, helps you speak to them.

What impact has adjusting your mindset to realize you're not your target client had on your business?

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