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Small Business Consulting


Launching and running your own business is the most fun, exhausting, exhilarating, terrifying, exciting, heartbreaking, powerful, stressful, rewarding and amazing experience. Every day your perspective changes on how it's going and how you're doing!

You're always tired, a bit overwhelmed, not sure about what the next steps are and wading through SO MUCH conflicting information, and things are falling through the cracks. It's absolutely exhausting and at the end of the day you're not even sure if you're doing it right!

We've all felt that way! Honestly? Some days I still do! There is misinformation everywhere, and when the right information is available? It's surrounded by pages and pages of other stuff. And as we try to work on our businesses we are already too busy to waste this time. Our checklists feel too complicated to even start!

But the days that things go right! When you finally piece some things together! It's amazing and rewarding. And what I've discovered is that it's so much more rewarding and fun when you share it with others!


None of this would be possible without a great support systems, a lot of trial and error and processes to keep me on track. When I started my business, the details would almost take over my life, but now with a good calendar, a set of tools and a process for almost everything, every client gets the same experience and I get time back to spend with family, friends and growing my business, rather than just managing it. Want help setting up your processes to get your business on track and your time back?


I have many person things I'm passionate about like my family and friends, spending time with those I love, playing with our puppy, Kai, quality time just talking, and so much more. But I'll focus here on my business and work passions.

I've been lucky to find things I work on that I genuinely love and care about. I have a full time job at a wonderful company doing data analytics, a photography business and this consulting business.

  1. Data, analysis and correct interpretation of data. Data is an incredibly powerful and useful tool. However it can easily be manipulated or misunderstood and communicated entirely incorrect insights. I'm passionate about the accurate insights that data can bring!

  2. Process Management! Setting processes itself isn't necessarily fun, though I do get a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment once it's done and running. My real passion comes from the knowledge of what I'm gaining through creating the processes. Consistency in my business, satisfied customers and a ton of time back!

  3. Small business and entrepreneurship! I absolutely love love love hearing that a friend or family member is starting their own business! It's one of the most exciting things I get to celebrate with them. And I love sharing the skills and knowledge I have helping my fellow business owners on their adventure!

  4. Marketing and business strategy is a huge passion! Every business is as unique as the entrepreneur running it and communicating that unique brand in a way that will speak to their ideal clients is such a wonderful adventure every time.

  5. Photography! I love every type of photography because it helps capture people's passions, interests and best moments. It's a great way to remember a special time for a family, celebrate a special event like a graduation, wedding or baby or help a business owner highlight their product, process or customer experience.


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