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Small Business Consulting

Downloadables & Worksheets

There is so much about SEO out there, and so much of it is conflicting! How do you cut through the clutter, confusing information and get a clean, simple plan? I've got you! Here is a simple checklist with easy to follow steps and explanations to boost your local SEO. No long winded paragraphs to wade through, just a simple, organized checklist that you can check off as you go to make sure your small business can rank locally.

What People Say

Kat's SEO Improvement Checklist is so valuable! Clearly lays out (in normal, clear language!) steps to take and tasks to ensure your website is optimized. Thorough, clear & comprehensive guide & I love the concept of a checklist so I can keep track of every element I've worked on! Love it, thanks Kat!

— Taylor

Yellow Leaves

I was fortunate enough to be in a class that Kat led about SEO and I was furiously taking notes! SO MUCH INFORMATION! And in an easy to follow list. If you know nothing about SEO, you have a learning curve ahead of you. I know most from years of intermittent study, but Kat still had more that I had no idea about and ways to improve. If you want some awesome and thorough SEO, you'll love Kat!

— Alanna

What People Say

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One on one services customized to your business and designed to help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Business Process

Process & Workflow


If you’re overwhelmed with the business part of your business and need help setting up easy to follow processes!

  • Up to 5 consultation meetings to discuss your business, your current processes, and your challenges and to craft an updated process and workflow plan to help save you time

  • A targeted, easy to use plan for how to implement your new processes and workflows with tools you already have or plan to purchase

Business Process

Strategic Planning


Have a project or a business task where you're hitting a brick wall strategically? Whether a Marketing project, a data analysis or client experience improvement, I've got you covered.


  • Consultation to determine your goals, discuss your project or challenge

  • Research and an action plan to help you work through your project and grow your business

Analytics & Insights

Web Data Reporting


Are you looking to understand your website data and have ongoing insights into your web traffic?

  • Two consultations to determine your goals and optimize your set-up

  • An audit & optimization of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to collect visitor data, website goal performance, etc.

  • An action plan to help you continue managing your data

  • Custom Data Studio Report

Analytics & Insights

Local SEO Audit & Plan


Appearing in Google search results is one of the best ways to share your business with potential clients, drive them to your website and grow your business! But can be confusing to know what you've done right, what you haven't and how to get yourself on the first page when your ideal client searches.

  • Two consultations. To discuss your goals and business needs and to discuss your action plan going forward.

  • An SEO audit of your business.

  • An easy to follow action plan with clear steps on how to proceed.


17Hats Online Booking


Looking to automate your bookings through your website with scheduling, up to date calendars, follow-up emails and workflow integration?

  • Consultation to determine your goals and client process and set up booking to work for your business

  • Action plan and implementation meeting.


17Hats Process


Want to set up your 17hats to automate all lead forms, emails, questionnaires, quotes and contracts to make sure each and every touch point is predictable and automated?


  • Consultation to determine your goals and client process and craft your touch points to work for your business

  • Action plan and implementation meeting

  • Does not include a contract for your business. Please consult with an attorney for all legal documents.

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